Meme: Otherkin

30 Days of Otherkin

  1. Identity: Current
  2. Identity: History/development
  3. Identity: How/why you are otherkin
  4. Identity: Your non-otherkin identities
  5. Identity: Doubts
  6. Kintype(s): Facts and fiction
  7. Kintype(s) Interactions (with your kintype or with others of the same kintype as you)
  8. Kintype(s): Mythology, legends, lore
  9. Kintype(s): What’s it like to be your kintype?
  10. Kintype(s): Common misconceptions
  11. Community: Online
  12. Community: Offline
  13. Community: Family
  14. Community: Friends
  15. Community: Significant others
  16. Being otherkin: Challenges
  17. Being otherkin: Shifting (or lack thereof)
  18. Being otherkin: Reincarnation and past-life memories (or lack thereof, or [non-]beliefs about reincarnation)
  19. Being otherkin: Experiences (descriptions and stories of an experience or experiences relating to your otherkin nature/identity)
  20. Being otherkin: Expressing your other-ness
  21. Being otherkin: Psychological/mental/emotional factors
  22. Being otherkin: Energetic factors (Alternatively: Movement and physicality)
  23. Being otherkin: Value and meaning (regarding or derived from your otherkin identity)
  24. Your spirituality (Alternatively, for athiests/etc: Practices that nourish your psyche/mind/heart)
  25. Does your otherkin identity influence your spirituality (or psyche-nourishing practices)? How?
  26. Fiction, media, and/or music that is meaningful to you as otherkin.
  27. Advice for someone just Awakening.
  28. A topic you wish was discussed more often among otherkin.
  29. One misconception about otherkin you’d like to clear up.
  30. A question you’d like to ask the otherkin community.

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