This page is heavily under construction!

Merriam-Webster lists one of its definitions of domain as “a sphere of knowledge, influence, or activity”.

There are several things that I feel strong resonances with and am tied to. They somehow feel “mine” and at the same time, I somehow feel that I am theirs. They do not belong solely to me,  just as I do not belong solely to them, but we are bound together at some intricate level.

To make the concept perhaps a little clearer, if you research or look up an entity such as a god, you often find a formula like this one: god of ______. Dionysus is god of madness. Hades is god of the dead.

But Dionysus and Hades are not just those things; there is a whole string of areas they are tied to. And they are not the only entities tied to those things, even within the same pantheon: the Maniae personified madness, and there is a whole slew of entities tied to death including its personification, Thanatos, and Hades’ wife, Persephone. (And I know I just conflated death with the dead there, but hopefully the point still remains).

Throughout my blog, you may see me refer to these things usually as “titles” or “functions”. But “domains” works just as well, perhaps even better, I am just not as used to thinking of it this way.

This set of pages explores the areas that I find most personally relevant, and most important to me and my workings.

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