About The Blog

This blog is rough. Its contents are jumbled, and the subjects are haphazard. It exists as the first stage between what lies inside me, and what I want to present to the world with my partner.

We are reconstructing the labyrinth, in the sense that we are attempting to piece together and revive parts of a religion and culture that no longer exist in the capacity they once did. But we believe that culture to have continued on in the hearts and souls of others, through the core messages of our people that are still relevant and vital today.

This blog is witness to a form of reconstruction my partner and I do that primarily originates in UPG experiences, such as returning memories or dealing with gods, and is then subsequently verified via external sources such as academic texts. The things that are not verified are still upheld as sacred and true in their own ways, but we keep a distinction between things that have noted precedence.

We are not, however, Polytheistic Reconstructionists. The original language of the Minoans,  Linear A, has yet to be deciphered. Without primary documentation, we are left with secondary sources, and a very syncretic process of pulling from surrounding Bronze Age cultures, as well as cultures that replaced the Minoans.

I use the term “Minoan” to refer to my people, even though it is a modern name they never used, because that is currently the most popular term. And that, I feel, is a very key point for me to make. Our goal is less about reconstructing the finer details and intricacies of millennia ago, and more about finding a balance between the heartbeat of the past, and the heartbeat of the present that my partner and I have been born into. Sometimes, this will include details such as the importance of figs or honey; but the details are never as important as the things they symbolize.

Our goal is to find a middle ground between eclecticism and reconstructionism. To not bar the gods that speak to us from other traditions and the foreign beliefs that resonate with us, because sometimes the divides we form are artificial. To follow and trust our hearts and experiences, but to also delve into history to forge contexts and connections that cause that integral link to the flow that binds us all.

We are doing this for ourselves. To make more concrete the path we blaze and embody, marrying the ancient to the modern. But we also do this for you, in hopes of bringing to life a time and culture more confident and visceral and connected to the core of everything. In hopes of voicing truths in the form of myth and metaphor and magic, that resonates with you, that can then be used as a torch as you follow your own path. And to maybe find others who were scattered to the winds, whose paths are like our own, and who are also one of our people.

So please bear with the mess of this rough draft that is a blog. Enjoy your stay. Voice your ideas, and questions, and know they will be heard and answered as promptly as possible.

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