About Me

Hello! My name is Britomartis, Bri for short, and I am a modern incarnation of a not-so-modern Minoan goddess.

I suppose that statement probably needs a lot of unpacking. The gist of it is that I believe myself, my spirit, to be that of a deity that was once revered during the Bronze Age, born into a human body, living a human life. So human, in fact, I get the joys of walking in the rain, burning toast, and paying bills just like everyone else.

I hold a B.A. degree in religious studies and psychology, and can be a bit of a nerd when it comes to those subjects. I am also a mixed-media artist, a writer, and a sucker for plaid prints and amaretto-flavored coffee. I struggle with anxiety and am on a long path towards healing from the wounds of my past. I have a beautiful spouse whom is also a god incarnate, Zagreus, and my partner in everything that I do.

I am also a priestess of Zagreus, and am owned by him, bound to him. I took an oath to speak for him, to be our voice, and that is the biggest reason for the existence of this blog. We come from a culture that died out centuries ago, and the bulk of whose history is either lost to time, or lies dormant in the undeciphered Linear A. It was through dreams, and visions, and interactions with gods that we came to find out who we are, and it is through endless research that we found verification of our UPG.

Coming from the academic background that I do, research is very important to me. So while I imagine many people will find me eccentric at best and crazy at worst, my believing myself to be a goddess has no influence on the credibility of other’s writing on the subject, which you will find a lot of in my blog. I do not ask nor expect anyone to believe me. Just keep an open mind to what I have to say.

And what I have to say is the reason I am telling you who I am. Our culture may have perished, but the messages it held are still vital. I do not tell you that I am a goddess as an attempt to gain credibility or status; I tell you to make myself vulnerable, open, and genuine. To lay all my cards on the table to strangers, in hopes that they can find beauty and relevant truths for themselves  in our words, while they continue on their own paths.

And so in that sense of openness, I invite any and all questions you may have, whether it be about myself, the Minoans, or the spiritwork I do. I will gradually be writing about many topics on this blog, but questions I receive will be addressed more promptly.

Thank you for stopping by Reconstructing the Labyrinth, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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